Mitchell Jones

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My name is Mitchell Jones. I was born in Brisbane, Australia, and, after passing through every continent but Antarctica along the way, I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall last year and am currently a freshman Computer Science student at the University of Rochester.

My greatest passion - and the subject of this website - is computer science, but my interests range from philosophy to frisbee. I'm most fascinated by the intersections that computer science shares with other disciplines, and how it can be applied to any and all aspects of human society and life. I believe that we are only beginning to realize how computer technology can reshape our entire civilization, and want to dedicate my life to this pursuit. Right now, my greatest interests lie in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Machine Vision.

I've worked with doctorate-level research groups at Sydney University's Institute for Astronomy and ETH Zürich's Institute of Neuroinformatics, and I spend most of my free time trying to teach myself new things, usually through projects like this website.

This is an attempt at organizing my thoughts and work into one place where anyone can stop by, learn something, and have some fun.